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Straight Talk from Queer Voices

Apr 1, 2023

“The most famous gay movie theatre in the world.” - Gerard Koskovich

In San Francisco’s gay neighborhood there is an ornate, historic movie Palace called the Castro Theatre. It towers over the Castro neighborhood with its bright neon blade sign, and art deco marquee. But lately, the marquee hasn’t shown much of anything, and the theater seems as deserted now as it did during the pandemic.

The Castro Theatre’s new managers want to renovate the space, saying the very future of the theater depends on its flexibility, and resulting financial viability. This would involve some changes to the traditional movie theater layout that have the LGBTQ and film communities divided. The arguments have reached San Francisco City Hall, and the fight is getting ugly.

This time on Stereotypes — in a piece I made for the KQED podcast Bay Curious — I’ll show you why this little theater plays such an important role in LGBTQ history, and take you inside the fight for the future of the Castro Theatre.


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